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Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels and Tools

As a subsidiary of U.S.-based Continental Diamond Tool Corporation (CDT), Consort Precision Diamond is positioned to supply you with CDT’s superior quality Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels and Tools in a variety of demanding and complex the configurations. Along with having complementary products, we are both committed to quality craftsmanship and excellence in service within the industry. CDT superabrasive products include:



Electroplated diamond or CBN products have a single layer of abrasive held by a tough, durable nickel alloy. This single layer gives electroplated products the best abrasive protrusion. An abrasive tool produced by electroplating:

  • Provides free & faster cutting action

  • Produces less heat

  • Retains original shape and dimensions throughout its working life

It is also possible using strip technology to remove worn abrasive without damaging the surface finish of the core and return used tools to "like new" condition after replating.


Vitrified diamond and CBN grinding wheels combine the hardest known superabrasives held mechanically and chemically in glass to form some of the most highly efficient grinding products available on the market. Vitrified properties include:

  • Extended Wheel Life

  • Efficient Heat Removal

  • Improved Cycle Times

  • Adaptable to a Variety of Conditions

  • Lights Out Operation

  • Re-Truing of Formed Profiles and Structures

Obtain excellent surface finishes, quickly and efficiently, with grinding wheels that are customized for your specific applications

Metal Bond

When well-rounded performance is at the top of your list, metal bond grinding tools may offer exactly what you need. Benefits of metal bond include:

  • Longer life and lower wear rates

  • Intricate designs and complex forms

  • Impervious to alkaline coolants

  • Efficient heat dissipation for high material removal rates

  • Superior form holding and impact resistance

Suitable for all levels of both wet and dry grinding, these tools are built for endurance and performance.

Resin Bond

For maximum longevity, try resin bond diamond and CBN wheels. Diamond or CBN particles are embedded in phenolic resin or copper (along with other fillers) and combined in a hot-press process to create a variety of useful shapes and sizes. The results include:

  • Excellent grinding action that is convenient and easy to use

  • Long life and self-sharpening

  • Edge stability that reduces cycle times

  • Low temperatures under use

Whether you select CDT’s preengineered bonds that are optimized for higher performance or order a custom formula specific to your application, our resin bond products will exceed your expectations.

GL™ Bond

CDT’s GL™ Series is the greatest for grinding round tools. Whether you are making tools from solid or regrinding, GL™ grinds fast, cool, and sharp.

  • Free cutting action at high feed rates

  • Good form holding and stable grinding

  • Cool cutting bod draws heat from the tool

  • Better wheel life and less wheel dressing

We know one size does not fit all; every GL™ wheel is tailor made and manufactured to fit our customers’ specific needs.

Other Diamond Dressers

Regular maintenance using diamond dressers ensures that your grinding wheel will perform at peak efficiency for an extended life. While rotary diamond dressers are Consort’s specialty, some applications call for other types including single-point, stationary, and multi-point dressers. CDT’s other diamond dressers are ideal for:

  • Continuous Dressing (CD / non CD)

  • High Speed Continuous Dressing (HSCD)

  • In Process Dressing (IPD)

  • High-speed pendulum grinding

It is important to select a dresser that is the proper shape, size, and quality for your grinding wheel. Contact one of our knowledgeable service techs for assistan make an ideal dresser selection.

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