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Company Profile & Accreditation

Based in the United Kingdom, Consort Precision Diamond Company was established in 1984 by its shareholders as a manufacturing facility dedicated to the production of Rotary Diamond Dressers. In 2018 Consort became a subsidiary of U.S.-based Continental Diamond Tool Corporation, manufacturer of Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels and Tools. Along with having complementary products, the two entities share a reputation for quality craftsmanship and commitment to excellence within their industry. 

Industry Expertise

Rotary Diamond Dressers are used extensively in niche grinding operations to primarily facilitate the transfer of highly accurate repeated configurations onto components. In principle the Rotary Diamond Dresser is mounted onto a spindle of a drive unit which in turn is mounted onto a slideway arrangement that allows the formed periphery of the dresser to infeed into a grinding wheel, thereby transferring the desired shape into it. The form, or configuration, can then be 'ground' on to the component.

Such Industries as the Automotive and Aerospace as well land based Turbine Engine production units employ large quantities of Rotary Diamond Dressers. Typically, within the Aero manufacturing industry, such components as Turbine Blades and Nozzle Guide Vanes as well as Flap Actuating Shafts require their intricate features to be ground with grinding wheels that have been formed with Rotary Diamond Dressers. As can be seen reference is made on our following pages to the many applications within the automotive industry.

Consort Precision Diamond can offer expertise in the selection of the most appropriate type of Rotary Diamond Dresser by reference to the configuration required and to the grinding machine on which it is to be used. Basically, three processes are employed. Handset Sintered, Random Set Sintered and Reverse Plated. Within each of those categories, selection of diamond type and their placement into the periphery of the Rotary Dresser, plays a major part in determining its operational life and performance. Even though Consort was not established until 1984, its principals and a large proportion of its employees had many previous years experience in the manufacture of Rotary Diamond Dressers. Bringing with them unique knowledge of the industry, Consort quickly established itself with this one product into the global market of prime and subcontract component manufacturers, earning the respect of competitors and customers alike.

Award-Winning Processes

In respect to the Reverse Plating technique, Consort Precision Diamond is particularly proud of the fact that they have been awarded the accolade of winning the BOOST award in the U.K. in 1995 for its design and development of a high speed plating process which dramatically reduced previous lengthy plating times. This achievement gives a competitive edge against alternative suppliers and satisfies the reduced lead times that customers are currently demanding. In the same period, Consort gained the S.M.A.R.T 1995 award for the development of the electroforming process as an acknowledgement of the reduction in the process time employed in the manufacture of Reverse Plated Rotary Diamond Dressers. Consort proudly holds the ISO 9001:2015 Registration Certificate for its Quality Management Systems.

Our Capabilities

At Consort Precision Diamond we concentrate exclusively on the design, develop, manufacture, install and maintain Rotary Diamond Dressers. This gives us the unique ability to provide our customers with the best solution technology can offer.

We have the engineering, design, manufacturing and staff resources to supply the highest quality Rotary Diamond Dressers available on the market. Our specialized experience ensures each product we supply is the optimum choice for each individual customer, however demanding and complex the configuration.

If an application calls for a Rotary Diamond Dresser, Consort Precision Diamond will provide the best tool for the job.


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Consort Precision Diamond is a subsidiary of  Continental Diamond Tool Corporation .

Consort Precision Diamond is a subsidiary of Continental Diamond Tool Corporation.